Laura is a creative thrill-seeker who believes some of the most striking and effective design pieces are those that dare to be minimal. She is currently employed as a graphic designer, whilst moonlighting as a children’s book illustrator, and pursuing an (admittedly) excessive number of hobbies.

In her day to day, there are several things that never fail to provide satisfaction, like: nailing that font pairing, a flawlessly photoshopped image, taking on new skill sets, and producing dynamic work that results in a “hellYES!

LAURA IS A: Piano and violin amateur. Film, improv, and theatre lover. Podcast and YouTube collector. Mental health advocate. Cat mom. Self-improvement junkie. Social media user. Inventor. Recovered HGTV addict. Soccer retiree. Netflix binger. Horseback, crafting, ballroom, and tabletop game enthusiast. Stand-up comedy fan. Meditation novice. Minimalist-in-training.


2020 American InHouse Design Awards, Graphic Design USA    Magazines (2)

2020 Graphics Excellence Awards — Certificate of Merit, Great Lakes Graphics Association   Magazine series 

2019 American Health+Wellness Design Awards, Graphic Design USA  Magazine spread

2019 American Health+Wellness Design Awards, Graphic Design USA  Advertisements (2)

2018 American Graphic Design Awards, Graphic Design USA  Advertisement

2018 American Graphic Design Awards, Graphic Design USA  Book cover


American Institute of Graphic Arts [AIGA], Contributing Member

Design Mentor, Volunteer


Adobe CC InDesign |||| Advanced

Adobe CC Photoshop |||| Advanced

Adobe CC Illustrator |||| Advanced

Adobe CC Acrobat Pro ||| Intermediate

ProCreate ||| Intermediate

Facebook ||| Intermediate

Instagram ||| Intermediate

Twitter ||| Intermediate

YouTube ||| Intermediate

TikTok ||| Intermediate

Adobe CC Premier Pro || Novice

Adobe Fresco || Novice

WordPress || Novice

Adobe XD | Basic Knowledge

Adobe CC After Effects | Basic Knowledge

Adobe Animate | Basic Knowledge


Growth Mindset |||| Advanced

Adaptability |||| Advanced

Balanced: Independent & Team Player |||| Advanced

Layout |||| Advanced

Illustration ||| Intermediate

Branding & Identity ||| Intermediate

Photography ||| Intermediate

Image Editing & Manipulation ||| Intermediate

Typography ||| Intermediate

Advertising ||| Intermediate

Social Media ||| Intermediate

Infographics ||| Intermediate

Video Editing || Novice

UI / UX || Novice

Animation | Basic Knowledge


Have a project in mind? Send me a note and let’s get the conversation started.