• Minimalism

    No-Netflix November: 4 Perks of Taking a Media Break

    Getting rid of things doesn’t always have to mean literal things.  This month, I’ve decided to make a play on “No-shave November” and do No-Netflix November.

    Here’s what I hope to get out of it: 

    • GET SHIT DONE — Do you ever notice that your to-do list is so large and overwhelming that you ignore it completely to binge on TV?  Me.  Me all the time.
    • MINDFULNESS — Of course there are still my other addictions (Facebook, phone, etc) that I’ll inevitably use to fill the void, but Netflix has been a big one lately.  I want to relax and feel okay in the moment, instead of trying to shut my thoughts down with a constant influx of entertainment.
    • BE A SOCIAL HUMAN — More on my social awkwardness later… Let’s just say this is one more push to go into the outside world….where the other humans are! Friends? Is that you? 
    • PASSION PROJECTS — Basically, there will be more time to work on me, and all the things that I wish I were doing, but “never have time for.”  (See GET SHIT DONE)