Magazine Excerpts

A few excerpts from magazines I’ve created during my current employment with Best Version Media.

Calistoga Living | May 2021
St. Helena Living | November 2019
Jackson Neighbors December 2019
St. Helena Living | April 2020
St. Helena Living | January 2021
Jackson Neighbors January 2020
St. Helena Living | November 2020
St. Helena Living | August 2019
Jackson Neighbors March 2020
Calistoga Living | July 2021
St. Helena Living | April 2021
South Bend Living Sept 2018
St. Helena Living | February 2021
Calistoga Living | June 2021
St. Helena Living January 2019

I highly recommend Laura for freelance graphic Design services. We have worked together for just over a year. She is a seasoned designer, able to understand the brief and deliver exceptional results consistently in a tight deadline environment. Laura is facile working with editorial and advertising content and has solid client relation skills as well.

Jenn Sloan
Publisher, St. Helena Living